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Bourbon Chicken Spices
"Bourbon Chicken just like in the Malls"
What is the difference between you and the cajun places in the malls?
We do not compete directly with the cajun places in the malls. They have excellent products which is why they are so successful.   However, we only use the best ingredients in our spices and you are making them fresh.  Consequently, our bourbon chicken taste as good or even better than theirs!.
We would show you the 2 simple steps to make your own bourbon chicken. After reading our tips and techniques, you can then make your own bourbon chicken - like they do commercially.
 Why should I buy your spices when I can just go to the mall and buy some bourbon chicken?          
We are very competitively priced and we guarantee our spices will make your chicken taste the same or even better than the malls.
Our target markets are family and "recreational" bourbon chicken enthusiasts. Our theme is Fun, Easy and Convenient.  Why only have a cookout of the same boring fare?  Try Making some unique Bourbon Chicken and invite your buddies over.
We let busy family cook their bourbon chicken whenever they want to. There is no hassle of running to the mall whenever they crave the chicken. In addition, we make the process of cooking the chicken so simple it only consists of 2 steps..
For those who live too far from the mall, we can ship them the spices so they will not be deprived of their beloved chicken.
Curious about how they make the bourbon chicken? We can show you how.
Want to impress your co-workers at the office? Bring them some home-made bourbon chicken and watch their reactions.
The possibilities are endless!
When do you ship my order?
All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days using US Postal Service.
 Are instructions included with your sauces?
 Yes, they are. Please click on this link to look at the instructions.
My son is allergic to certain food. Do you have the nutritional information         
Yes, we do. Please click here and here to access the nutritional information.
I live outside the United States. Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do. However, please contact us before you order because it cost significantly more to ship outside the USA. Some examples of the countries we have shipped to are the United Kingdom, Holland (Netherlands), Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, The Dutch Antilles, Canada, Germany and Hungary.

Do you ship to the military?

Yes, we have a fan base of US military personnel based in the Middle East and Europe who order constantly.  All shipment would be by APO, FPO or DPO.  We also shipped to US Diplomatic Missions around the world.  Please contact us if you are interested because we need the specific packing instructions first before shipping. 
I received my order but I did not get the 3 free recipe as bonuses. When are they coming?
The 3 bonuses are ebooks that we will send as an attachment via email.  If you did not see it in your inbox within 48 hours, please check your spam folder or contact us again. 
Do You Accept Checks and Money Orders?
 Yes, We do.
 Please CLICK HERE for more information

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